About me

Photo credit: Marc Miller

Photo credit: Marc Miller


Why I started painting

I started painting seriously in the fall of 2013 when I had an epiphany that I can stretch my time by painting because every new painting is a portal to a different world and new experiences in it. I subscribe to the idea that art is a magical operation (William Burroughs). I paint because I want to share how I imagine the world around me through various scientific, engineering, and philosophical interpretations. I paint because this is an effective mean of imagination where ambiguity of colors and shapes allows for deeper meaning in the minds of observer through synthesis of multiple minds’ life experiences. This is a magical operation. 


Logical Magic // July, 2014 // windup space // Baltimore, MD

Light Undulation // September-December, 2014 // Sprout. // Baltimore, MD

Life Preservers // June-July, 2015 // Metro Gallery // Baltimore, MD

Blooms and Bodies // October-November, 2015 // Current Gallery // Baltimore, MD

Reflective anatomy // November-December, 2015 // Rocket to Venus // Baltimore, MD

Architectural Body // September-October, 2016 // Open Space // Baltimore, MD

Evaporative Images-Oblique Vacillation // March, 2017 //  Project1628 // Baltimore, MD

In/outside room/f // August, 2017 // Terrault Gallery // Baltimore, MD

Conditional light // August, 2017 // Terrault Gallery // Baltimore, MD



B.S. in Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, 2003

M.S. in Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2009

M.S.E in Environmental Management and Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 2014 

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Policy Analysis, Johns Hopkins University, 2017