In/outside room/f


When the peaks of our sky come together My house will have a roof.

                              -Paul Eluard, Dignes de vivre, Julliard, Paris, p. 115

You can read a room, or you can read a house. Both are psychological diagram that guide artists in their analysis of intimacy[1].

 I used the rooms and roofs as a context for me to explore my intuition. The placement of the objects inside of a room or outside on a roof is arbitrary with no symbolic gesture. Jung, in “depths of the unknown:” intuition is our interface with the whole of our potential[2]. I used intuition to achieve harmoniousness, using whatever ability I have, in the spaces I portrayed. The result is a certain style: a precise depiction of objects using controlled color selection. Cocteau writes: “Style is the soul, and unfortunately with us the soul assumes the form of the body” in refuting the decorative encumbrance any work of art with style may face. These paintings are things depicted through a certain style that should be experienced, because there is no content in these paintings, but hopefully they will excite or captivate the audience. This is the most intimate way I can connect with the audience.

[1] Bachelard, G., Stilgoe, J.R., 1994. The Poetics of Space, Reprint

edition. ed. Beacon Press, Boston.

[2] Irwin, R., 2011. Notes toward a Conditional Art, 1 edition. ed. J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

Room with lava egg (2017)  16'“x20”  Acrylic on canvas

Room with lava egg (2017)


Acrylic on canvas